How to Bet on Tennis: 5 Tips and Strategies



In the past decade, Online Betting on tennis, particularly on the men’s side, has been a double-edged sword. Eighteen of the previous 21 major tournaments have been won by the “Big Three” of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. On the one hand, the sport’s predictability should result in profitable wagers rather than Online Casino Japan. On the other side, the money lines on their matches are typically quite high, necessitating huge wagers to win any real money.


While the women’s side has been considerably more competitive, Serena Williams has maintained dominance. She won the calendar Grand Slam from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, capturing all four major titles simultaneously.

All these circumstances invite the question, is it possible to make money betting on tennis? The brief answer is “yes.” However, innovation may be required if the top players dominate the sport.

This post contains five suggestions and techniques to help you begin the tennis betting season on the right foot.


Comparative Record


Before putting a wager on a match between two teams, one must examine their head-to-head records. With software like as MatchStat, it is simple to look for previous matches between any two players.

As with any other variable, the larger the sample size of matches between players, the oddsmakers have access to this information, and bettors have a greater chance of gaining an advantage against oddsmakers by wagering on lesser-known players or match the opponents have yet to meet frequently. Such a wager would need extensive knowledge of the players, but devoted tennis fans are likely to invest the necessary time.


Concentrate on Surfaces


Rafael Nadal’s dominance on clay is no secret for the average tennis fan. Twelve of Nadal’s nineteen major championships have been won on clay at the French Open. Thus, while Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have frequently entered the French Open rated No. 1 in the world, Rafael Nadal has frequently been the tournament’s overwhelming favorite.


While Nadal’s proficiency on clay is one of the most well-known characteristics, other players’ styles are more suited to different surfaces on a much smaller scale. Large servers like playing on a hard court because the surface’s speed makes their dominant serve more difficult to return. Grass favors players who employ serve-and-volley, as the surface tends to create shorter points.


Please pay close attention to the playing surfaces while evaluating head-to-head patterns between opponents. If two opponents have met ten times, but all previous matches have been played on hard courts or grass, this information is of limited use when attempting to forecast who will win on clay.


Recent Form Is Crucial


Understandably, more money is earned on major tennis tournaments than on lower-circuit events. Those that investigate players’ performances leading up to the majors will have a significant advantage.

In tennis, form is one of the most influential aspects in a player’s chances of victory. A player skips several minor events to prepare for the forthcoming major. It raises the inevitable “rest vs. rust” debate prevalent in many team sports. Some elderly players may benefit from rest, while others do less well when they have not recently been tested.


In addition to a player’s recent form, are there any ailments the player is now battling? Did they progress as far as they hoped in recent events, which may have undermined their confidence? Before placing a wager, it is crucial to consider all of these factors.


Find Assets for Better Returns


This article’s introduction raised the hypothetical topic of whether tennis betting is profitable. In the early stages of events, money lines for players such as Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal typically exceed -5000. Only a few gamblers will be prepared to spend so much money for such little results.

Nonetheless, there is still a chance for decent prizes when these guys participate. Instead of money lines, consider the many prop bets offered during tennis matches. It seems probable that Federer will win his first-round encounter, but will he do so in straight sets? Can a lesser opponent rescue a set or extend the match to five sets against the favorite?


Consider the Prospects


Futures wagering is another method for generating a big profit from tennis wagering. Futures wagers are provided more often at important tournaments. However, everything from the tournament winner to the quarter-winner is available.


Before this year’s Australian Open began, Novak Djokovic was considered the overwhelming favorite to win. However, you may be astonished to learn that he had +120 future odds to win the championship. Before overcoming Thiem in five sets, Djokovic dropped just one set en route to the final. While the final may have given Djokovic’s supporters pause, he was not tested in his previous six encounters. One may argue that obtaining Djokovic at plus odds for such an event was a steal.


On the women’s side, the odds are far more favorable. Although Serena Williams has dominated the sport, she has won only one of the last thirteen major championships. Consequently, guessing the women’s winner at recent majors has yielded substantial returns. If you conduct the necessary homework, you may be in for a lucrative big tournament.



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