Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022


One of the latest phones from Apple is the iPhone 12. This phone is packed with lots of new features and enhancements. It is also one of the most impressive devices that you can get your hands on. It has been a hot favourite among the techies since its launch. This is a unique combination of hardware and software which will surely amaze you. There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy with this phone. iphone 12

The iPhone 12 has lots of amazing features compared to the iPhone 8 Plus. For instance, it has a bigger battery, it has a higher memory capacity which can accommodate all your apps and games, it comes with iOS 8, it is one of the first devices to support Google’s Android operating system, it has a high density display that looks stunning. There are even more advantages when it comes to this device. An enhanced strength and agility, the iPhone 12 pro features a faster speed and better Batteries. A powerful motor, an excellent display and the ability to connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks and the iPhone 12’s design. A strong and robust body, it can stand against all the pressure and weight of a hard case.

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 8 Plus The iPhone 12 Pro has a bigger display. It also has a bigger battery. That helps you use the phone for longer hours without feeling too drained. Plus, it comes with an external speaker which gives you that sound quality you have always wanted from your mobile device.

What makes these devices so popular? The iPhone 12 and iPhone 8 Plus have the best technology. It is equipped with everything you need to stay connected to your favorite apps and websites. However, both of them differ in terms of their network connectivity. The iPhone 12 pro comes with GSM connectivity whereas the iPhone 8 models comes with CDMA connectivity.

Face ID vs LCD screen The face recognition technology in the iPhone 12 Pro allows you to unlock the phone even if you do not see your finger print. This helps you to unlock the phone even in dimly lit conditions. However, the LCD screen in the iPhone 12 models does not have night mode. The LCD screen cannot turn off at night. So you would need to use your ear phone or any other night mode enabled cell phone to send and receive calls.

Both phones have got many features but the iPhone 12 mini has got the unique feature of allowing you to edit your wallpaper. The iPhone 12 mini is a mini version of the iPhone 12 Pros. The iPhone 12 mini is thinner and it has less storage. You can buy an iPhone 12 mini from the Apple store. This is the first time that the company is offering this feature. The iPhone 12 mini is priced at $100 less than the iPhone 12 Pros.

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