Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Sending parcels from Ireland will often involve a lot of different transportation methods, being an actual island it isn’t a simple case of the parcel being loaded onto a delivery van and taken by the postman to the final destination. A parcel delivery from Ireland will normally involved some form of delivery vehicle taking the parcel to a sorting office, then on to an airport where the parcel is loaded onto an aircraft bound for your parcel’s destination where it will likely be loaded onto a number of other vehicles before it arrives at its destination. Send Parcels to USA

With such a journey ahead of it your parcel had better be ready for a lot of handling and so packaging your parcel for delivery can be an important part of any parcel delivery to or from anywhere in Ireland. Many people believe that simply wrapping in brown paper is the extent of what they should package their parcel with but there are obvious downfalls with this in that the paper could tear or degrade if wet exposing your parcel’s contents.

It is much preferred to use a mailing bag or some form of waterproof and resilient plastic bag to send parcels via. These are more likely to withstand the elements as well as being less likely to tear or be damaged. Likewise you should make sure that any writing or labels is protected either using clear plastic or sticky tape to prevent water smearing the information.

Insulating your parcel is important so that it can withstand any knocks or bumps that can happen. There are lots of different materials to use such as polystyrene or bubble wrap, this helps to protect your parcel’s contents from harm and is especially important for parcels being sent not inside a box.

Sending parcels in boxes is the most common recommendation as they are easily stackable so won’t be rolling around the delivery van but are also more sturdy and protective for irregular shaped objects; it is easy to find a cardboard box either buying specialist shipping boxes or just using an old shoebox could help.

You should make sure that all parcels you send are adequately packaged and ready for the worst, obviously the company you use to deliver your parcel will take the utmost care of your parcel but as we all know accidents can happen and so by packaging your parcel correctly you’ll be able to ensure that your delivery arrives safely and in one piece

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